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How to Generate Unique Content Ideas for your Blog using Ubersuggest

Generating unique content ideas for your blog can seem overwhelming at first but that shouldn’t be the case.

I’m not so much of a writer or blogger myself so I often struggle with content ideas from time to time because as a website developer, I just love to code, nothing more.

However, I’ve been able to help my clients come up with fantastic content ideas for their blogs to drive traffic, boost SEO and generate leads.

In this article, I’d be sharing with you how to use Ubersuggest to come up with unique content ideas for your blog.

Before I dive in, let me answer 3 questions I get asked frequently by my clients on blogging.

Are blogs still relevant?

The simple answer to this is “YES”. With over 3.5 billion searches per day alone on Google, it will be unwise not to take advantage of blogging.

Just take a moment and ask yourself about the last thing you searched for on Google.

I bet you were searching for some information or solutions to a problem, this is where blogging comes in.

As a business, your duty is to educate people about what you’re offering and its values.

By sharing solutions, ideas, information about your product and services, people find it easier to connect with your brand.

This helps your organic search traffic, website ranking and help lower your cost/conversion ratio.

What should I blog about?

Knowing what to blog about is not as difficult as you think.

We have lot’s of questions on our minds and answering those questions or providing insights is what blogging is about.

Let’s look at a simple example.

Imagine you’re a fashion designer and you want to start blogging. You can share ideas on the following;

  1. How to make clothes last longer
  2. What chemicals to avoid in detergents.
  3. How to store clothes.
  4. How to eliminate odour from your clothes
  5. How to match colours and so on.

The list goes on and on but did you notice something interesting.

All the suggested content ideas above are focused on providing valuable information.

These are some of the questions on peoples lips regarding fashion and I’m no different.

So staying focused on your expertise and sharing relevant solutions to everyday problems is a great way to come up with content ideas for your blog.

How do I choose a blog topic?

So you’ve figured out what you want to blog about and you’re about to dive right in but hold on a second.

Your blog topic is equally as important as the blog content itself.

Choosing the right topic helps people instantly understand what to expect when they click on your link.

Getting it wrong can really hurt your SEO strategy.

And this is where Ubersuggest shines.

There are other content/keyword research tools out there but I personally find Ubersuggest easy to use.

What is Ubersuggest?

Ubersuggest is a free online tool by Neil Patel that makes keyword research and content ideas a breeze.

It’s an awesome tool for content research and can help you find keywords relevant to your field.

Now let’s get started by clicking on the link, this should open in a separate browser.

Ubersuggest landing page

Going by our previous example using Fashion Design, let’s enter fashion design on Ubersuggest and see what we get back.

Fashion design keyword research on ubersuggest
Fashion design keyword research on ubersuggest

Looks nice right?

Now let’s break down the result we got back from Ubersuggest.

Fashion design keyword on ubersuggest
Overall result

Understanding Ubersugget results

Search Volume: The number of searches this particular keyword has during a month. In this case, it’s 33,100 searches.

SEO Difficulty: The estimated competition in organic search. The higher the number, the more difficult it is to rank for the keyword.

Paid Difficulty: The estimated competition in paid search, eg. on Google Adwords. The higher the number, the more difficult. In this case, a PD of 66 is quite high and that is reflected in the cost-per-click tab.

Cost Per Click: The average cost per click you will pay Google if you want to run paid advertising on Google. The higher the cost, the more valuable the keyword is.

Keyword ideas section
Keyword ideas section

The keyword ideas section tells us what people are searching for with regards to “Fashion design”.

You can start to get an idea of how to generate some unique content ideas for your blog.

Take a look at the highlighted section below.

Highlighted keyword idea
Highlighted keyword idea

I’ve highlighted the section above to show you what you should be looking out for during your keyword research.

The keyword above has a decent amount of monthly searches at 1,900 but what’s more interesting is the Paid Difficulty (PD) and SEO Difficulty (SD).

Lower numbers mean less competition.

How to search for Content Ideas on Ubersuggest

What we’ve looked at so far only covers keyword ideas.

In other to get some content ideas, we need to look at what the competition is doing and how people are interacting with their content.

For that, click on the content ideas tab on the left sidebar as highlighted below.

Content ideas tab on Ubersuggest

As you can see from the image above, the content ideas section shows you popular articles by your competition matching your keyword.

But that’s not all.

It also gives you valuable insights such as;

  1. Estimated visits.
  2. Keywords within the content.
  3. The number of backlinks to the content.
  4. Facebook and Pinterest shares.

What to look out for in the results

The first thing to look out for in the content section is the number of backlinks.

This gives you an idea about the number of websites linking back to that article which is great for SEO.

If it is interesting, people will talk about it.

Next thing to look out for is the number of social shares, this shows you how valuable the content is that people are willing to share it with their friends.

You can drill further down by looking at content with extra keywords.

Take a look at the image below.

More content ideas
More content ideas

Now that you know what articles are topping the list, it is time to get creative with yours.

Research your competition

A quick read of some of the top-ranking articles in the result is a great way to get started.

Here are three observation I advise you to take note of during your research;

  • Take a detailed look at the title of the article and make a mental note on what drive people to click on it (very important).
  • Observe how robust or detailed the content is.
  • Read through the comments on the article and try to look for questions you can answer in your own article.

Coming up with unique content ideas for your blog now becomes easier.

I urge you to try it out and let me know what you think in the comment section below.

As a side note, you can also research your competition by their domain name to see which keywords they are ranking for, their monthly search volume, backlinks and much more.

In a future article, I will be showing you how to dig even further and get more content ideas with tools like AnswerThePublic and Keywords Everywhere.

So stick around.

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