Drive more traffic to your website with a better SEO strategy.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is important for driving organic search traffic to your website. I work with businesses in Nigeria to lower digital marketing cost by developing proper SEO strategies for long term growth.

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Why is SEO important for your website?

Having a beautiful website is not enough if people can't find you online. You want people searching for a phrase on Google to find you right? More people means more buisness opportunities for you. With a proper SEO strategy, you will get all the organic traffic you need to scale your business and generate more leads and revenue.

Here is my all-round SEO solution for businesses

Optimize domain and page ranking for proper local SEO.

Local SEO strategy ensures that your website delivers relevant content to people searching for your kind of service within your locality

This will improve your local SEO relevance on Google and score you more organic traffic to your website at no extra cost.

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Improve website ranking with proper keyword research and better content marketing strategy.

A proper keyword research and content strategy is the pillar of every good SEO strategy.

I run proper keyword research on your website to help you better understand how people are searching for your business and develop better content marketing strategy to drive valuable traffic and grow revenue.

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Track, analyse and optimise your website content to improve customer conversion.

Analysing your website traffic and optimizing your high-ranking content accordingly is a surefire strategy to improving customer conversion.

It involves optimising your website around your customer with clear call-to-actions to drive engagement and boost conversions.

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Grow inbound leads using value-based content marketing strategies and SEO.

I take inbound leads very serious because it is the lifeline of any business. By helping you focus on value-based content, you can improve lead generation and build trust with your customers.

I help businesses in Nigeria research and develop value-based content within their industry and share relevant content ideas that improves SEO while growing inbound leads.

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SEO optimization features

Are you ready to super-charge your website ranking and crush your competition on Google search result? Here are the features my better SEO strategy comes equiped with.

  • Value-based content research and development for better SEO.

  • On-page SEO optimization for proper visibility across search engine.

  • Keyword research and content strategy to crush the competition.

  • Website performance audit for faster loading on mobile devices and improved ranking.

  • Quality lead generation and sales funnel intergation for revenue growth.

  • Integrate with Google analytics and Google search console for better SEO keyword tracking and analysis.

More and more businesses in Nigeria are focusing on SEO to grow their business, don't be left out, request a free consultation now.


I'm Keno Alordiah, a web designer, digital marketer and online brand consultant based in Lagos Nigeria.

I collaborate with businesses, brands and individuals to design and build high-converting websites that increase sales, generate inbound leads and improve customer loyalty.

I have over nine years hands-on working experience helping clients across various industries increase ROI and customer engagement.

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